WHYFARM (We Help You-th FARM), introduces newly invented and creative approaches to reach out to the younger generation on the importance on the role they can play in Agriculture.

In 35 years time, 10 year olds (NOW) will be 45 years of age. They are the ones that Will be responsible for farming . There must be new approaches to ensure that they take up this task in order to ensure we are food secure.

WHYFARM (We Help You-th Farm) is an NGO in Trinidad and Tobago that pioneers Agricultural Educational Entertainment (Agri-edutaintment) with a mission to promote the importance of sustainable agriculture among youth and children, build their capacity in Agricultural Entrepreneurship, and empower them to contribute to achieving global food and nutrition security by the year 2050. WHYFARM has developed AGRIMAN and PhotosyntheSista, the 1st Food and Nutrition Security Superheroes, that inspires future feeders.

His Adventures are shared in Comic Books and creative educational content using animations, song, poetry, and drama. We collaborate with schools (preschool to tertiary), youth, community and volunteer organizations to facilitate community garden development and Agri-entrepreneurship training session

View our Fact Sheet: WhyFarm Fact Sheet 2017

Mission Statement

Promotion of Agriculture among youth by increasing their awareness on the world food crisis and in doing so, grow the future feeders of 2050.

Vision Statement

To create the next generation of farmers and agripreneurs to develop bold, out-of-the-box innovations that help solve the greatest challenge facing our collective future: food security.


Growing Future Feeders from the Ground up.

WHYFARM’s Objectives

  1. To design, develop and introduce simple, attractive, and creative Agricultural messages to encourage and educate youths in Agriculture.
  1. To sensitize and promote awareness of the importance of Agriculture and highlighting the roles that each individual can take towards becoming food secure.
  1. To build capacity among the youth in Agripreneurship for improved livelihoods and food security in communities and nation at large.
  1. To build capacity and knowledge in agriculture among children/youth for the long term improvement of livelihoods and food security in communities

How We Do it

In addition to creating AGRI Man to educated youth in the issues facing food production as well as interested in Agriculture we have created numerous programs such as;
AGRI Pouitree
101 Hashtags WHYFARM
Funding Future Farmings Project
STEM in Agriculture
WhyFarm AgriVenture Project