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Introducing the world’s most powerful food provider “AGRIman”. This Food Security superhero is on a quest to grow future feeders from the ground up. This exciting adventure will rebrand the culture of Agriculture globally among the youth.

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AGRIman visits Grenada

WhyFarm and AGRIman recently took part in the Dialogue 4 Development (D4D) Forum held in Grenada earlier this year. WhyFarm’s presentation at the Youth in Agriculture forum session was widely accepted.


AGRIman visits Barbados AgroFest 2016

On the  24th of February 2016 AGRIMAN and Mr Alpha Sennon (Founder) of WHYFARM travelled to the island of Barbados to conduct a display at the National Agrofest Exhibition of their projects, products and services. 

Our Ponix- Kart (Portable Hydroponic System.), quickly became a buzz and we were swamped explain and demonstrating the system to everyone.