Grow Your Own

Soda Bottle Greenhouse

  • 2 clear 2-liter bottles (soda)
  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Seeds

1. Cut one bottle so that the bottom is approximately 4″ high–this creates the bottom and base of the green house.
2. Next, cut the second bottle so it’s about 9″ high this will be the “lid” or top for your house.
3. Place small aount of potting soil in the bottom of the 4″ base.
4. Add soil and seeds. Water the seeds— then slip the top over it to create a “greenhouse”.
5. Put in sunny place and plants will appear in 2-5 days — depending on the seeds you use.

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the clear plastic bottle. A clear juice bottle or 2-liter soda bottle works. With the scissors, cut all the way around the bottle to carefully remove the top one-third of the bottle.
2. Place about 1 inch of loose grave in the bottom of the bottle, then add about 3 inches of potting soil.
3. Make small holes in the dirt and plant the small plants or seedlings in the soil, just deep enough to cover the roots.
4. Add a few drops of water in the bottle, but do not soak the soil. As the bottle will be almost an enclosed garden only a little bit of water is necessary.
5. Gently place the top part of the bottle back in place on top of the planted section. Use the wide clear tape to secure the 2 parts of the bottle together. (You may need an extra pair of hands for this part.) Once the sections are back together and in place, if you desire, you can decorate the bottle with sticky-backed ribbon to cover the joint where the bottle sections are taped together.
6. Place the green house in a sunny warm location and water only when necessary. You do not need to keep the lid on the bottle as the air and condensation will give the plants all the nutrition they need to grow into healthy, thriving plants. Source: