Whyfarm Rwanda

The demographic structure of Rwanda is characterized by a youthful population, the majority of which (28%) are aged between 16-30 years. Each year above 300,000 Rwandan youth seek to enter the country’s workforce, too many of whom are not met with success.

The agricultural sector continues to be a backbone of the Rwandan economy, accounting for a third of national output and employing nearly 70% of the country’s labor force. However, there is compelling evidence to suggest that the farmer population is ageing, which must be addressed in order to promote sustainable agricultural production and food security. The average age of farmers in Rwanda is 55 years, yet the country’s life expectancy is between 60 and 65.

A combination of the above facts, represents a tremendous opportunity for the Children and youth of Rwanda to catalyze the commercialization and transformation of the agricultural sector by engaging in the business of agricultural goods and services. Agribusiness can be profitable for youth with the right attitude, skills and access to agricultural resources.

WHYFARM formulated a detailed strategy to be developed, aimed at the establishment of efficient and effective approach for Children and youth in agribusiness ventures and services across entire agricultural value chains. Equally important, WHYFARM will enable the Children and youth to challenge their mind-sets, and that of the farming population.