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The month of July in Photos

The students in St. Christopher’s Anglican School Siparia, loved every second of AGRIman. We were happy to give back to our community, after all #AGRIman was born and breed in Quinam Road, Siparia.

Imagine someone from South Africa meeting someone in Brazil who is from Australia (Jamie who is on a Nuffield Scholarship) and tells them that if you want to learn about Youth in Agriculture you need to visit Whyfarm Headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, and here he is today to meet AGRIman



When you have a day that looked as good as this then you know for sure you have the best job in the WHOLE wide world.

Thank you #AGRIman for leaving from in between Afghanistan and Pakistan to visit these students. He told them he was on the mountains of Pakghanistan????


Taken at: Princes Town Presbyterian School
When: 6th July 2017


??Down inna Down inna Down inna Down inna Down in ah Trinidad ??Down inna #Siparia we have a #WHYFARM

Yesterday we welcomed students from Debe High School on the farm and brought them right #Down2Earth.  The majority of them never stepped a foot on a farm before so it was a fun and food filled experience.

Is important that they get their hands Muddy rather than Bloody.!!!!

We encouraged them to do a good deed by planting 1 seed.

And our motivational speaker Ms Nika Chelsea Charles (Trinidad and Tobago 400m athlete) encouraged them to say and always believe in


Thanks to the Trinidad and Tobago STEM Programme for continuing to partner with us in equipping these young men and women to become stronger leaders to make wiser decisions and to gain experiences that would take them throughout life.



























We are not only creatively engaging students to grow their on food but we are also teaching them life long lessons, such as patience, humility and most importantly to be “Down2 Earth“.
Today the students of Debe High School visited our farm facilitated by Trinidad and Tobago STEM Programme and they were in for a real and raw treat.
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If you would like to be part of our new Down2Earth Project please write us here or via whyfarmit@gmail.com.