WhyFarm is growing its Global Team. We are currently in Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti , Rwanda & Zambia. Email us if you want a WhyFarm Movement in your country or community.
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Whyfarm Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Flag WhyFarm Trinidad & Tobago

WHYFARM is not for profit organization based in Trinidad and Tobago. Our organisation is aimed at promoting agriculture among youth by increasing their awareness of the world’s food problems and by doing so; grow the future feeders of 2050.

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WhyFarm Haiti

WhyFarm Haiti “AgriCoolture”

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, according to the Nation Coordinator of Food Security (CNSA) 3.1 million of Haitians are food insecure and these days less young child who represents the future generations are less interested by Agriculture, WhyFarm innovative ways and supports will raise awareness on the situation of...

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Rwanda Flag WhyFarm Rwanda “Agri-Tubura”

Whyfarm Rwanda will impart modern agriculture skills and knowledge on young people in schools. The demographic structure of Rwanda is characterized by a youthful population, the majority of which (28%) are aged between 16-30 years. Each year above 300,000 Rwandan youth seek to enter the country’s workforce, too many of whom are not met with...

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